DVD Duplication/Replication

BluCrest Multimedia can provide you with a total solution package for all your DVD requirements.

  • Any run quantity
  • Flexibility to meet tight deadlines
  • Duplication (burning) or Replication (pressing)
  • Assistance from mastering to distribution
  • Full range of generic or customised packaging options

DVD case

For DVDs needed in a hurry

DVD duplication (or burning) is the process of copying on to blank DVD-R media. This is best suited to short runs and jobs that demand fast turnaround. Premium quality media is used and the print directly on to the face of the disc is done by using thermal transfer ribbon, which gives photographic quality results.

For DVDs in volume

DVD replication (or pressing) is the process of firstly making a glass master and then pressing the discs from this master. The print directly on the face of the disc is done by offset printing. This process takes a bit longer due to the setup required for glass mastering and offset printing, but is most cost effective for bigger runs. The minimum run quantity is 500 and for runs over 1,000 units replication is significantly cheaper than duplication.

The print directly on the face of the disc is called the “label”. We can assist with the graphic design if required. Artwork file specifications and pdf templates can be viewed on our templates page.

DVD-5 format has a capacity of 4.7GB and DVD-9 format has a capacity of 8.5GB. We can assist with DVD (video) authoring if required. This includes:

  • Transferring material off all tape sources, such Digital & SP Betacam, DVCAM and Mini DV
  • Menu and chapter point creation
  • Programming links and interactivity to allow users to navigate the DVD
  • Compliance with the DVD specification, which is paramount

A wide range of packaging options are available, including CD mailers and Eco packs. See printing & packaging for details on all options, or if you just require your own logo and print on blank discs for you to burn your own discs as required.

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