Packaging and Printing

BluCrest Multimedia can handle all your printing and packaging needs for your CD or DVD projects.


Through different printing processes we can cater for any quantity and any turnaround time required.

CD Printing We can provide printed blank CD-R and DVD-R media for you to burn in-house as required and we can supply all your paper and cardboard components for packaging, i.e. slicks, sleeves, inserts and booklets.

Your name, logo and web address etc can be printed on to blank media for increased brand recognition or security. The printing process can be either thermal print, silk-screen print of offset print depending on run quantities and turnaround time required. All processes give you a great finished looking product.

Sleeves, slicks, booklets and inserts can be e-printed (or digital print) directly from the pdf file supplied, or offset printed. This also depends on run quantities and turnaround required.

We are happy to advise on these processes and we can also assist you to develop and prepare your artwork if required.

Go to Templates for specifications and artwork templates for all disc labels and printing components.


Whatever your budget and needs, there will be a packaging option available to suit your job.

Blu-ray packaging Packaging can be as simple or unique as you need it to be. Of course standard packaging formats which can be machine packed or a lot cheaper than custom designed products that may involve hand packing.

We are particularly pleased to see our suppliers bringing many more Eco-Friendly plastic cases and boxes on to the market. These cases may use less plastic, have a higher percentage of recycled plastic or use polypropylene which is recyclable instead of the traditional polystyrene.

CD/DVD mailers are a popular and effective marketing tool. They are very cost efficient to print and distribute in larger run quantities.

Please call to discuss our full range of packaging options. Some examples are:

  • Plastic and paper sleeves
  • Standard CD jewel cases and DVD cases
  • Slimline CD and DVD
  • Soft, flexible plastic mailer cases
  • Printed cardboard wallets and digipaks
  • Multipack cases to hold any number of discs

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